Latest Realizations since the end of 2004:

2017: January 2017:  3 films on the artist FRANTA commissioned by the Musée de Vence for the large exhibition of the artist

2016: Les Arts ForeZtiers.
Film "Eucalyptus" (music Jonathan Levine) installation "Cercle Sacré - Du ciel à la Terre" Read

December Video Performance at the Centre Pompidou, Paris.
"Cet Apres-midi, on improvise... Le Cas Du Sac !"

2015:  'Senses of Cinema': Feature Article No. 75

Senses of Cinema: Viviane Vagh and Jayne Amara Ross

'Senses of Cinema': Article/Entretien par Raphael Bassan: Number 75
Senses of Cinema: number 75

2015: August  Le Festival des Arts Foreztier, Haute Loire, France.
Institut Charles Cros.

 June/September  A part of a Group Contemporary Art Exhibition,
C'est la nuit
Villa Tamaris, La Syne sur Mer, France.

April/December  A part of a Group Contemporary Art Exhibition,
Anima / Animal 
Abbaye Royale de Saint Riquier, France.

2014:  February/March 2014 Invited to participate in the exhibition  Horizons  (Horisont) at the Museum of Modern Art, Gotland, Sweden.

Museum of Modern Art, Gotland, Sweden.

Bref magazine: Double Interview with Viviane Vagh and Jayne Amara Ross

BREF Magazine: Interview

2013: Special screening:  Vagh / Ross at the Cinema La Clef, Paris.                            Curated by Raphael Bassan.

2013: "A Certain Place (Inside)" Selected for international competition,      Festival du Cinéma Experimentaux et Different, Paris, France.

2013: Musée Granet Aix en Provence. Commissioned to film 15 artists around the Mediterranean (40 films) for the Exhibition Cadavre Exquis opening the 2013 Marseille European Capital of Culture (Music: Jonathan Levine).

"Presence/Presents" Nuit Blanche (White Night), Paris. Australian Embassy. Presence/Presents

"Paris Paris" Clip with the musical composition by Jonathan Levine,                   lyrics Viviane Vagh. Paris Paris

2011: "Coming Out": Grand Prize Winner of the Abstracta International Exhibition/Film Festival, Rome, Italy.
Press Pubblica

2011 : "Where did Maria Go?" Centre Georges Pompidou as part of the 40th Anniversary of the CJC.

2011: CNRS Publishing: "Esthétique et complexité" (Aesthetics and Complexity) One of the four artists invited to portray their work.

"Jenny Alpha Toujours Vivante" Purchased and screened by Mus
ée Branly, Paris. Screening at the Auditorium of the City Hall of Paris (Hotel de Ville) for a homage to Jenny Alpha, Departement de l'Outre Mer.

2009:  "Where did Maria Go?"  Festival du Cinéma Different, Paris, France.

2009:  "Free Women" Festival Abstracta, Rome. Public Award and Special Mention of the Jury. Festival Claire Obscure, Basel, Switzerland.
Festival Abstracta, Rome

Senses of Cinema: Spotlight on Viviane Vagh  Five articles on my work,

2009: "Free Women" ABSTRACTA - Rome, Italy
Honorable Mention of the Jury - Prix du Public - (Piacere del Publico)

2008: "Les Amants"  Short. Co-production and lead role with Daniel Mesguich. Lyrics of the theme song, composed by Jonathan Levine. Directed by Veronique Mucret Rouveyrollis.

2008: "Ground Zero, New York 2005" Selection Hors Les Murs des 10 Ans du Festival du Cinéma Diffèrent aux Inattendus, Lyon, France.

2007: December “Now You See Me, Now You Don’t” Selection Festival du Cinéma Different, Paris, France.

2007: November  'Le Monde de Weimu." Selected in the international competition
Big Screen Film Festival, Kunming, China.

2007: October Nuit Blanche, Paris, France.  Conception and realization “Beachcombers” – Dance in the City.  3rd version of an installation / performance with video projection, vegetation installation, performance in dance (Alice Azam) and music (Beatrice Roy). Original music composition, Jonathan Levine.

September 2007: Fête de la lumière Chartres, France. Conception and realization “Beachcombers” – Dance in the City.  2nd version of an installation / performance with video projection, vegetation installation, performance in dance (Alice Azam) and music (Beatrice Roy). Original music composition, Jonathan Levine.

July 2007:  Mekoon International Film Festival, Shanghai, China. Finalist in the international competition, “Le Monde de Weimu."

March 2007: Curator for the 2nd edition of  "Poèsies E Toiles", as part of  the Printemps des Poètes event in France, with experimental films (including my own 16mm films in a performance with an actress) and  live poetry readings from works of living French poets.

February 2007: Big Muddy Film Festival  USA “Ground Zero, New York  2005”  experimental section

February 2007:  Milwaukee, USA: French Film Festival. experimental film “Petite” series

November 2006: Installation: "Beachcombers" Glass Cube Gallery. Frankston, Victoria, Australia.

October 2006: La Nuit Blanche, Paris.   B.A.N.K. Gallery.
Installation:  "The Magic Lantern" and "Pandora's Box" with Miss Marion.  A Magic Lantern built by myself to project images reworked on glass negatives of flora taken in the late 1800s.

July 2006: "Ombres et Lumiere",  Cinémathèque de Paris: As part of a program of experimental films with L'ETNA (Experimental Lab Group).

June 2006: A series of my short films: Glaz' Art: As part of a program of experimental films with L'ETNA (Experimental Lab Group).

March-April 2006: Stage direction and experimental film , "Les Souliers Rouges" a play by Tiziana Lucattini, Paris.

March 2006: Curator of the first edition "Poèsies E Toiles"as part of  the Printemps des  Poètes,. Screening of experimental films, performances and live poetry readings of living French poets.

February-March 2006:  Exhibition: "A Day of Melancholy " (Installation of my single and super 8 cameras and projectors, painted images on canvas of photograms and experimental films in video and super 8)  Galerie de La Bièvre, Paris.

October 2005: Palais de Tokyo, Paris. Women World Rèverie, As one of the film makers in this short musical film which is a hommage to women in avant-garde cinema from the 40s til today.  Amongst the other women are: Jackie Raynal, Maya Deren, Frédérique Devaux, Rose Lowder and Vivianne Ostrovsky.

October 2005: Invited by Adelphi University, Long Island, New York, to give a talk on my film making.

September 2005/2006:  Fête de l'Humanité France: "Fidèles au R.D.V."  An experimental film especially created with the archives of amateur films of the Fête de l'Humanité since its beginning, for "Toiles d'Humanité", a first time ever cinematographic event.

September 2005:  International Video Art Screening - Kaliningrad Branch of the National Center for Contemporary Arts, Russia, with international artists.

August 2005:  Video Art Exhibition- Kamera 55, Brindisi - Italy, at the Pietre che Cantano Festival under the auspices of the Dutch Embassy in Italy with 27 international artists.
June 2005:  Georges Pompidou Center, Paris. Present at the exhibition, "Shadow and Light," for having adapted and recorded  4 tales in English.

May 2005:  "Soulsearching" experimental short film, selected by the CJC for the 40th Anniversary of Super 8 film at the Sputnik Cinema, Paris.

April 2005: "ArtExpo" Video Art Exhibition in Italy with other international artists at the  Sala Estense della Piazza Municipale di Ferrara.
March 2005: "Shadow and Light" short experimental and poetic film projected at the cinema of the University of Paris, Censier 111 as part of "Carte Blanche" for the ETNA experimental film Lab.

February 2005: Film and photo exhibition at  the  Guadeloupe International Film Festival.   "Israeli and Palestinian Women - With Open Heart" documentary about women in Israel and Palestine and their  views on the situation.

January 2005:  "Super 8 experience-Beaubourg" short experimental and poetic film screened at the Maison du Film Court Paris.

August 2004: Film and photo exhibition : "The Light in Athens"at the Yiayiannos  Gallery - Athens.  The official contemporary art gallery during the Athens Olympics.
August 2004: For the Georges Pompidou Center: Video report around the theme "Shadow and Light" with the children of the Jonking Kindergarten, Paris.

June 2004: "Another point of View" Video of an experiment concerning the works of the artist Francis Bacon as seen by art connoisseurs at the Maillol Museum, Paris, organized by the CNRS (French National Research Institute - College de France).

2000-2007: Series of experimental and poetic films, "Petite" screened at the FNAC as part of  "Sequence FNAC".